Photo Selection

Made Super Easy

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Photo Selection

Made Super Easy


Create a project and upload original images to GDrive and app will resize them to low resolution version


Share the project url with clients and let them select the photos they want to come in the album


Originals of selected photos will be automatically moved a seperate GDrive folder once the client finishes the selection

How does it Work?

Click the play button to see all the steps in detail, with screenshots. Once you are done, we invite you to try out the demo yourselves to experiece how easy the whole process is

Why JusPic ?

Auto Resizing

The original photos are automatically resized to low-resolution so that you don't have to worry about piracy

Web Based

No need to install any desktop or mobile apps to make this work. Upload and download from anywhere

Flexible Plans

Pay per project without any time or size restrictions. Buy credits online when you need them according to your requirements

Personalized Interface

Hook the app to your own website and even change the colors to match your studio's theme. This is your app


Photos is stored in your own GDrive storage under your full control. The client interface is password protected

What People Say ?

Since we do lot of projects outside Kerala, we desperately needed an app to make the photo selection easier. And we wanted it in our website address. Juspic made both of that happen and our clients are impressed! ~ cweddfilms

How much does it cost ?

We understand the events photography industry is highly seasonal. We give you the flexiblity of paying per project as and when you need it. You could also buy in bulk to avail discounts. The payment can be done online using our highly secure payment gateway powered by Razorpay and it will reflect instantly. It is also possible to do a bank/paytm/upi transfer and share the details with us. We will verify the payment and adjust your credits within 24 hours.


Number Of Projects


PRICE : ₹250


10% OFF

Number Of Projects


PRICE : ₹2500


20% OFF

Number Of Projects


PRICE : ₹12500


30% OFF

Number Of Projects


PRICE : ₹25000


Use your own website name

We believe that each studio is unique. By default the photos will be shared in the url, with customised logo and color theme as set in the studio admin panel. If you wish to share the project in your own domain name, that is also possible. eg. If the studio name is Cwedd Films with domain name and they are subscribed to the custom domain plan, the url to share with the clients would beå, instead of
Custom Domain Plans(One Time Charge) 3 years - 10000/- offer 7500/- 1 year - 7500/- offer 5000/-
If you are not happy with the custom domain plan, we have 30 days money back guarantee with no questions asked.